Master Painters
Aqueous USA 2013
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Damp Morning by Dean Mitchell (Tampa,FL)
10 x 15, $10,000.00
First Prize/Kentucky Watercolor Society Award
A Barn Is Just Not A Barn by Ratindra Das (Wheaton, IL)
20 x 28, $1,600.00
KWS Award/ Dr. and Mrs. Maynard Stetten Purchase Award
The Bird In The Window by Doris Davis-Glackin,
KWS (West Chester, PA)
20 1/2 x 24, $1,500.00
KY Signature Award
Pack Rat by Dongfeng Li (Morehead, KY)
39 x 25, $3,500.00
Kentucky Artist Award
Preparation by Peggy Bishop (Nicholasville, KY)
23 x 17, $795.00
Strathmore Paper Award and Silver Brush Award
Young Woman II by Frederick Bidigare (Fenton, MI)
19 x 14, NFS
M. Graham & Co. Award and Silver Brush Award
Windy by Carole Pickle, KWS (Emmaus, PA)
22 x 30, $3,200.00
Airfloat Systems and Jack Richeson & Co. Award
Defying Gravity by Denise Athanas (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
30 x 22, $3,200.00
Savoir Faire Award and Silver Brush Award
Lemons With An Old Pitcher by Chris Krupinski, KWS
(Fairfax, VA)
30 x 22, $3,200.00
Richeson/Strathmore Paper and Silver Brush Award/Ms.
Louise Steinbock Memorial Purchase Award
A New Day by Ken Call (Northbrook, IL)
29 x 21, $2,500.00
Don Preston Art Supply Award
December Morning by Bill Bailey (Oakland, TN)
20 x 29, $1,800.00
Daler-Rowney Award and the Creative Catalyst Award
Shoes by George James (Costa Mesa, CA)
25 x 25 1/2, $3,600.00
Canson Award and Creative Catalyst Production
Lace Curtain by Jane Stoddard, KWS (East Amherst, NY)
28 x 22, $1,200.00
Richeson/Strathmore Paper Award
Conversation XCVIII by Pat Cook
(Waynesboro, VA)
19 x 19, $2,500.00
Utrecht Award and Silver Brush Award
316 West Main St.