2017 Aqueous Award Winners

1.       Kentucky Watercolor Society Gold Award - $1500
KWS Prize $1000 Cash     Dick Blick Prize $500 GC

Cindy Brabec-King, TWSA, AWS, NWS
“Jams, Jellies, and Creams”
Palisade, CO     $3000

2.        Kentucky Watercolor Society Silver Award - $750
Cheap Joe’s Prize $400 GC M. Graham Prize $250Jack Richeson Prize $100

Dean Mitchell, TWSA-DM, AWS, NWS
“Napolean House”
Tampa, FL     NFS

3.        Kentucky Watercolor Society Bronze Award - $620
Canson Fine Papers Prize $320
Preston Art Center Prize $200 Cash    Graphic Dimensions Prize $100 GC

Dr. and Mrs. Maynard Stetten Purchase Award

Arena Shawn
“Fire Dance”
San Francisco, CA     $895

4.         Kentucky Signature Artist Award
Kentucky Watercolor Society Prize $400

Christine Misencik-Bunn, TWSA, KWS
Fredericktown, OH     NFS

5.         Kentucky Artist Award
Kentucky Watercolor Society Prize $350

Debbie Cannatella, LWS
Union, KY     $1200

6.         $290 AWARD
Daniel Smith Prize $190       Golden Artists Prize $100 GC

Christine Krupinski, AWS, NWS, KWS
The Lost Cherry
Hurricane, WV     $4000

7.        $275 AWARD
Winsor Newton Prize $150 Jack Richeson Prize $125 GC

Carol Frye, AWS, NWS
“Like Water Under the Bridge”
Lakeland, FL     $1900

8.        Artist and Craftsman Prize $200 GC Creative Catalyst Prize $60 GC

Pat Cook, AWS, NWS
“Conversation XCIX”
Waynesboro, VA     $2500

9.        $165
Strathmore Artist Papers Prize $140    Carmichael’s Books Prize $25

Tom Powell, KWS
“Parade Route”
Louisville, KY     $1200

10.        Jack Richeson Prize $150

Gloria Baker, KWS
“Ascension #2”
Evansville, IN     $2500

11.         Airfloat Systems Prize $150

Donna Witty, TWSA, AWS, NWS
“Hi, Grandma!”
Woodstock, IL     NFS

12.        H K Holbein Prize $130

Joye Moon, NWS, WWS
“Mid Day Sun”
Oshkosh, WI     $1500

13.        OttLite $130

“The Officer:
Radford, VA     $1500

  $90 AWARD
Creative Catalyst Prize $60 Royal Brush Prize $30

Judi Betts, TWSA, NWS
“Harbor Town”
Baton Rouge, LA     $2500

  $80 AWARD
Northlight Prize $50 Royal Brush Prize $30

Jeny Reynolds, KWS
“Looking Beyond”
Columbus, OH     $200

     Ed and Louise Steinbock Memorial Award

Elaine West, KWS
“First Light”
Lakeside Park, KY     $1400


      Dr. and Mrs. Maynard Stetten Purchase Award

Arena Shawn
“Fire Dance”
San Francisco, CA     $895
      Brown-Forman Purchase Award

Brown-Forman Purchase Award
Deborah Jinkins, KWS
“Lamentation of Swans’
Louisville, KY     $3000

      Pat Hagan Memorial Plein Air Award $100

Sandra Carpenter
Corinth, MS     NFS


Claudia M. George Memorial Award $500

Steve Kuhlman, KWS
“North Floyd”
Louisville, KY     $4500