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Member's Gallery

The KWS gallery is located at 4836 Brownsboro Center Arcade, Louisville, Kentucky 40207. Members have the opportunity to join
the gallery where they display and sell their art. Our members also have an opportunity to display art on this page. Listings are
alphabetical. All rights in the images belong to the artists and may not be copied or used in any way without their consent.
Laverne Arkenberg
Kathy Belcher
George Gow
Members: For information on joining this online
gallery send email to
George enjoys working outdoors (plein air) or
from memory, but seldom
fromphotographs.His has won local, state and
national awards. He is a Signature Member of
the Kentucky Watercolor Society.
Carolyn Smith
Tom Poole
Tom is a signature member of the Kentucky Watercolor,
Southern Watercolor Society and Louisiana Watercolor
Society. He has work in two museums and many
corporate and personal collections.
Sue Hinkebein
Sue enjoys painting "people pictures", "florals
and fun", sometimes surreal images, and
encourages others to paint their passion. She
exhibits regionally and nationally and has won
numerous awards.
Susan Huttenlocher
Mary Sue Klusman
Shirley Knoop
Pat LaFevre
Anna Marshall
Judy Mudd
Tom Powell
Pat Ritter
Having earned her BFA, Pat Ritter has participated in single and group
shows locally and nationally. She had a one woman show at Artemisia
Restaurant. She is a KWS Signature Member and is also a member of
the Louisville Artisans Guild, the Southern Watercolor Society, and the
American Watercolor Society..
Tricia Tinsley
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Luci Mistratov
Luci was first trained at Kalingrad University as a researcher in stage
design...yet she always continued painting. Later, she studied art at
Kalingrad, taught computer art and watercolor, and earned her Ph.D.
in Art Education. She came to the United States to be an artist in
residence at Bernheim and has taught at the University of Louisville.
She also teaches classes through the KWS gallery.
Judy is an instructor painting daily and teaching weekly classes.  She also
teaches several watercolor workshops a year.  Her subject matter is diverse
ranging from urban street scenes to
children's portraits. To learn more about Judy's art, classes or workshops,
please visit her website at where you can also sign up  
for her monthly newsletter. Like Judy's Facebook page at JudyMuddArt.
Ann Lawson Adamek
Nevenka Martinovic
Nevenka Martinovic started painting while living in Canada. She
works with watercolor and acrylic, but experiments with other
mediums and techniques. She is a KWS Signature Member
and has served as the Director of Exhibitions for KWS. She is
also a juried member of the Louisville Artisans Guild and a
member of LVAA.
Ann Lawson Adamek (left) is a Louisville, KY native who creates
watercolor paintings and sterling silver jewelry. Ann is a KWS  Signature
Member. She is also an Exhibiting Member of the Kentucky Guild of
Artists and Craftsmen.  See her work at
Sue is a Signature member and has been a painting
instructor for many years. Her work covers a wide genre
including figure and portrait painting. She includes her
appreciation of art history into her approach to painting.