Marian received her Masters from Murray State in Visual
Communications, adult education classes at LVAA and
Senior Citizens East. She was president of the much revered
Louisville Crit Club.

Marian has had several one-woman shows and appeared in
many multi-artist shows where she has won many awards.
She is represented in collections locally and throughout the
United States.

Her recommendation to new KWS members is to keep taking
as many classes and workshops as you can and to get
involved in as many art activities as time allows. Congratulate
her on being admired by her many fellow artists and honored
as KWS 2010 Master Painter of the Year.
Sara attended Ohio University and completed the famous Artist Course in Illustration.
She has studied with various well known artists, such as, Edward Betts, Nita Engle,
Irving Shapero, Zoltan Zaabo and Al Brouillette. Her greatest influence was John Pike,
whom she considered a genius. An important lesson he taught her was to execute a
small value and composition study beforehand in blacks and grays so that the actual
painting would have fewer problems to solve.

Sara worked at an advertising agency in Louisville, KY and was a successful free-
lance illustrator for more than 35 years, supporting her two children as a single mom.
She designed and illustrated numerous state brochures, as well as the Kentucky
Derby Festival Program for 14 years. Her paintings are included in the books:
Seaside Painters
, The New Spirit of Watercolor, and The Best of Watercolor.  Her work
appears in numerous corporate collections. She was honored to be named one of the
Outstanding Kentucky Women Artists from 1850 – 2000 at the Owensboro Museum
and has been included in many invitationals such as The Creative Progressions
(Washington, D.C.), The River and The Experienced Eye in the Owensboro Museum
of Fine Arts.

Sara loves making ceramics and pottery along with her pleasure in taking care of her
cat, growing her delicious tomatoes, and playing Scrabble with her art buddies. She
still enters inspiration for the many students she has taught over the years. She is
very aware of what artists can mean to each other, as she credits her success in
illustration to others in her field at the time.
Her advice for beginners is to draw, draw, draw, especially from life! A perfect day for
her would be to hire a model and draw all day long!  She says KWS has been an
important part of her life for 33 years and thanks them for the opportunities to exhibit
and learn more of her craft along the way.
Three KWS Master Painters, (left to right) Marian
Lord, Aline Barker (seated),and Sarah Roush
In 2008, the KWS Board voted to honor charter member Aline Barker as 2009 Master

The 2009 Master Painter Award was presented to Aline at the Aqueous USA 2008 dinner
(an event which she brought back to life a couple of years earlier and for which she hand –
painted fifty place cards). Aline believes she has received more from KWS than she has
given, both personally and professionally.

Her advice for beginning students is to get a good instructor and not waste time trying to
make a perfect painting each time you paint. She says to learn the basics, what colors work
together, what you can do with the brushes and to use good paper (100% rag). She says
to paint from life and try not to copy photos or others’ paintings at first and this will help you
learn to paint from your imagination and your memories later on.

We sincerely thank Aline for staying involved with KWS and within the art community for
over thirty years. We also thank her for inspiring so many artists as a teacher and an artist.
Finally, we thank her for sharing her great “Art Spirit” and all of her creative wisdom with all
who know and love her.
Master Painter of the Year. Jean has been called The Kentucky Watercolor Society's

Jean started painting in 1997, taking classes from a fellow KWS member, Pat Ritter.
Jean quickly earned her Signature Member status from Aqueous USA Exhibitions,
beginning with her first acceptance in 2003. She has painted in oils and acrylics but
prefers watercolors because she likes being able to take "total control" over the
medium. She has taught art classes for KWS and for Preston Art Center. Before that
she taught over 17 years of PE classes at Ascension, Fairdale and Valley High

After earning her undergraduate degree at UK, she went on to earn her Masters in
Secondary Education from U of L. Jean has "mastered" many things in her life.  A very
competitive tennis player, she served as President of the River City Racquet League.  
She plays duplicate bridge and quickly earned most all of her points to enjoy lifetime
Master status. She has also served as President of the 9-hole Golf League at Seneca
Park.  An outstanding athlete all her life (playing basketball and field hockey for UK),
she has turned her love of sport and interest in teaching into a successful life, even
coaching volleyball for U of L.  

Jean has enjoyed KWS. She wishes every member would offer to do a job for one year
so KWS will keep going strong. She has heard other out of town artists admire our
group and feels proud to be a part of it. Jean and her wonderful husband, Bill, who she
met on the swim team at Fountain Ferry Park when she was 14, have moved to
Kansas City, Kansas to be with their daughters and their families. Jean promises to
come back and visit KWS often.  Thank you, Jean, for "masterfully" keeping KWS
together and thriving!
If you are painting with Tom Scott, you might notice that he runs out
of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna quickly. Those colors make
magic for Tom's favorite subject: our historic and unique wooden
barns. “I want to document these structures before they are all
gone,” he has said. Tom has kept journals of his work and now has
20 to 30 filled with sketches and value studies.

Tom's pet peeve? “Being asked to choose the best painting in a
show. I just can not make myself eliminate anyone's work.” Tom can
be thanked as one of the few who started The Kentucky Watercolor
Society in 1977. Pat Scott deserves a big thank you too. A wife
always has a lot to do with what a man can accomplish in life. The
Scotts have three very accomplished children and six grandchildren.
Tom also enjoys golf...almost as much as art. He said, “My art comes
as a blessing from God. I am lucky to be able to paint and play golf
and enjoy both.”

Over his drawing table Tom has posted this message: 'A poem is a
painting without visible shape, and a painting is poetry put into form.'
- Kuo Hsi (1020-1090).

This is what Tom Scott tries to instill in his work and in his students.
He echoes artist Robert Henri in his assertion that the Art Spirit must
be a part of our work. If he can teach a student to paint with feeling,
he feels he has accomplished his goal. Tom said, “My talent is a gift,
with the reward of that gift being fulfilled in teaching others to
recognize and express their own unique gifts.”
Pat Hagan is a past president as well as having served on numerous committees over the

Pat started her formal education at Parson's School of Design in New York City and it's
European branches. She has worked in interior architecture and we can attest to her
unerring sense of color choices.

Pat enjoys her close knit family who all came to support her the night of her Master Painter
Award announcement. She is pictured above with several of her beautiful family members.

Perhaps Pat is best known as the organizer of the KWS plein air group. Brush with Nature
is now known as the most active group of it's kind in Louisville. None in plein air are
intimidated by the critiques held after a session of painting mainly because, if Pat leads
them, they are unerringly kind and helpful. She can zero in on just what a painting needs to
finish it off.

In October of 2013, Pat won the Castleman Art Contest for her painting of the Castleman
Statue. She is also a Signature Member of KWS. Her paintings hang in many private
collections across the country. Pat is represented by The Jane Morgan Gallery here in
town and the Red Studio in Grenwich, Connecticut. She is a valued member of many art
organizations as she works in oil, acrylic and pastel, as well as watercolor.

Pat Hagan is a most valued friend and colleague.... and now Master Painter of 2014!

- Connie Kuhn
Aline Barker
Marian Lord
Sara Roush
Jean Janson
Tom Scott
Pat Hagan
LaVerne Arkenberg

An open letter from Laverne...

Thanks KWS!

What an honor to be chosen Master Painter of the year!

From my humble beginnings (living on a houseboat on Salt River in West Point, KY). I remember drawing in the sand with a
stick and sculpting things out of mud on the river bank   Evidently this awakened my artistic side.  I graduated to drawing on
paper grocery bags, the walls (for which I got into trouble), my school books ( still more trouble), or whatever I could find.

Until I started to school, I had never had a box of crayons or seen real drawing paper. What a joy! That joy persisted
throughout my school years.  In high school I was known as “that girl who could draw”. Thankfully, my love of art continues to
this day!

I dabbled with watercolors off and on with various instructors, but nothing worked for me. Since, I had invested a lot of, money
in supplies, when I heard about a class at the Water Tower instructed by Aline Barker, I decided to try one more time!  What A
blessing!  A light came on. She taught me so much, and inspired me, too.  She strongly urged me to join the Kentucky
Watercolor Society and to enter a painting in the All Member Show at the Library in New Albany.  I didn’t win anything, but my
painting held its own.  Time went by, and I kept on trying to make peace with this elusive medium

One day when I went to pick up a painting from a show I had entered, Anno Fredrick stopped me and asked me if I would be
the Director of Operations for KWS. I asked, “What would I have to do?”  She said “nothing”, and I said “that sounds good; I
think I can handle that”. Well…….that was my humble beginning of eight years on KWS board: first as Director of Operations,
then two times as Vice President, three times as President, two times a Treasurer and one or two times as Secretary.  My
husband and I were in charge of the Aqueous Traveling Show for just about twelve years, uncrating and delivering paintings
to the various venues on the tour then re-crating and shipping them back to the artists.

I am a signature member and an honorary lifetime member of KWS as well.  I have been a gallery member off and on since
the onset of our first KWS gallery.  I was then and still am totally enamored with the Kentucky Watercolor Society. So for this
wonderful honor, I thank you!

LaVerne Arkenberg

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